Tuesday, 4 August 2015

maybelline color drama intense velvet lip pencil- review and swatches

These lip crayons by Maybelline are not new releases. They came out a few seasons ago, and up until recently, I always resisted the urge to buy them. NO, YOU HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH LIPSTICKS, BEHAVE YOURSELF said my inner sensible person. But then a cheeky money off voucher vapourised my good intentions, and lo and behold, I was the owner of the Velvet Lip Pencil in the shade 'Keep It Classy'. 

It's called a 'pencil' rather than a crayon, and for good reason. It's wooden and not twisty-uppy, and looks like a fattened lipliner. In fact, it functions like a fattened lipliner too. Most crayon type lip products tend to be glossy or sheer, but this is opaque, creamy, and long lasting. 'Velvet' is indeed a good descriptor, because it has a plush, semi-matte finish. I love how precise and easy it is to use- line your lips as with a regular lipliner, then use the side of the tip to fill in with colour fast.

And here's what it looks like on:

Maybelline color drama lip pencil- keep it classy

How gorgeous is that colour? It's lovely pinkened berry shade that I bet would suit every single human on the planet. And it's comfortable to wear. And it smells divine. What more could one ask for? (Apart from a sharpener in the lid).

Maybelline's Colour Drama lip pencil is priced at £4.99, which is well worth it. Let us know what you think innit xx

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