Thursday, 6 August 2015

L.A Girl luxury creme lipstick- review and swatches

So I've recently joined instagram- @poutnshout, for those who care- and you can bet I'm stalking all the beauty pages. One of the brands that caught my attention was L.A Girl cosmetics. There are no distributors in the UK as far as I know, so  I took to Ebay and picked up a shade of their glazed lip paint (which never came) and this, the luxury crème lipstick. They were pretty cheap, around a fiver each including p&p. 
The packaging reminds me of the Wet n Wild megalast lipsticks! It's not pretty, but it's secure and not wobbly, so I'm not complaining. And it has that gorgeous sherbert sweets smell that you all know I love. So far so good.
But application knocked me for six. I was expecting a dry, patchy consistency, but it glided on smooth as butter with an opaque, creamy finish. It was comfortable even through long periods of wear and didn't bleed at all, and when it eventually faded, did so flatteringly. 'Luxury' is definitely the word. Yes then L.A Girl! Smashed it.
I really love the colour too. This one is called 'Pure Ecstasy', and it's a coral-ish pastel orange that's still bright and juicy. Perfect for summer. Have a look!

l.a girl luxury cream lipstick- pure ecstasy
l.a girl luxury crème lipstick- pure ecstasy
Overall, I'm obviously chuffed with my purchase. If the lip paint eventually turns up, I'll be sure to write a post on that too. But until then. Smushy lipstick kisses xx

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