Tuesday, 11 August 2015

essence longlast nude lipstick- review and swatches.

I'm always tempted by the Essence stand whenever I'm shopping at Wilko. So far, I've got quite a collection going. I've previously reviewed their longlast lipstick here, but decided to pick up one from their nude collection. I went for 03, come naturally, because it was the most unique of the bunch. It was priced at a cheap and cheerful £2.30. Let's have a look then.

The packaging is lightweight and simple, but I do like that it corresponds with the bullet shade. I've easily got 600+ lipsticks in my obscene collection, so anything that makes hunting for a shade easier is definitely welcome. And I've not got a shade like this in my stash! Greige-y nudes are all the rage right now, and I like that this is wearable without making me look dead. It's a cool toned mauve with a grey tinge, and has medium coverage and streak-free, comfortable application. It works ok on its own (pictured), but I love pairing it with a purple lipliner.

essence longlasting nude lipstick- come naturally
What do you think? Whilst it's obviously not overly luxurious, Essence does offer a good range of nudes for different skintones, and I reckon it's definitely worth having a swatchfest in store. You might just find one you really like. Let me know your thoughts!

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