Sunday, 14 September 2014

Review and swatches: lime crime carousel gloss

Well, the best way to kickstart my blog and attract a good readership probably would've been  to make my first post  a fool proof one- a popular product by a well known and well loved brand. But then, I've always been a contrary mary. It’s gonna be Lime Crime folks. The controversial-est brand out there, proper marmite territory.

      I’m gonna do the chicken thing and just focus on the products, which, incidentally, I adore. I've got a couple of the carousel glosses for you today. 

     Lime Crime’s carousel glosses are slick but not sticky at all, packed full of glitter, and have the kind of pigmentation you’d expect from a liquid lipstick-type product. The brush is tiny compared to other gloss wands, but that allows for more precise application- which you need with these mucky pups.

    Lime Crime’s characteristic whacky colours reach into their gloss collection, you’ll either be happy or unbothered to hear. There’s a green (Hollygram), a blue (loop-de-loop), a GORGEOUS gold (golden ticket), and a dark purple (kaleidoscope). I have none of these shades. Much weeping. On the bright side though, I do have:

  • ·         Cherry on top- a bright cherry red
  • ·         Candy Apple- deep apple red
  • ·         Present- deep magenta-pink
  • ·         Snowsicle- clear with rainbow sparkle

Here are some swatches. Pretty, innit?

   'Candy apple' is definitely my favourite. Can you see why? 
Lime crime carousel gloss - candy apple

   So, do I recommend these sticks of pretty? Yes, internet. I do. Though a tad pricey, you get a generous amount of product for your dolla in unique and impressively pigmented shades, which dodge the shudder-inducing stickiness that we tend to associate with gloss. Considering their texture, they last quite well too (more due to their colour intensity than the formulation) and fade well too. And they’re vegan and cruelty free! Massive yes. And, last but not least... have you seen how pretty the packaging is? SO BLOODY PRETTY. Swirly whirly lilacy unicorn girliness.

   Do you love them as much as I do? I hear some of the other shades are a bit cruddy- what have your experiences been?

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