Sunday, 13 March 2016

w7 magic matte lipstick- review and swatches

Damn, blogger. Back at it again with W7 makeup posts. Actually, this was kind of an accident. I had no intention of buying another lipstick from this brand, but there was a makeup stall at this charity event I was at, and there was a two pound coin burning a hole in my pocket. It hardly broke the bank, so I didn't feel too guilty over this impulse buy, and was actually really impressed with it once I gave it a run for its money. Read on, my friend.

w7 magic matte lipstick
Well, the packaging is as basic as you'd expect from a budget brand, but it's sturdy and secure and not ugly, so it's fine by me. I quite like that you can see the lipstick shade at the bottom- it's handy for people like me, who have a jillions of lippies and appreciate any way of finding a particular lippie victim a bit easier.

Anyway, as the name suggests, it's a matte. A magic matte, oooh, ahh  *round of applause*. Well, it's actually really great. I was expecting a hard formula and lots of drag, but it glided on easily and didn't feel overly drying once on. In fact, it has a silcone-ish,lightweight feel to it which does make it feel airy and comfortable compared to other matte lippies. It's long lasting and though it may appear dryer throughout wear, that doesn't hugely reflect in comfort. It won't parch ya. 

w7 magic matte lipstick- lady luck 
I got the shade 'lady luck', which is a very flattering warm nude. I love that it's got very subtle shimmer throughout, so it prevents it from looking dull or flat. I've worn this a lot since I bought it, and that's a good sign. It means it's a good'un.


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