Thursday, 24 March 2016

kylie Jenner lip kit Mary jo k- review and swatches

I never thought I'd own any product made by any of the Kardashians. To be honest, I'm not a fan of them. I think they're problematic in lots of ways, and I just don't dig the vacuous celebrity culture in general. But my best friend didn't know this, and bought me a Kylie lip kit as a gift. And, despite myself, I actually really really love it. I wouldn't buy it myself, not least because of the £35 (including uk shipping) price tag, but am really pleased to own it as it's a lovely product.

The packaging is sweet, not gonna lie. Artistic and sexy. The box holds the liquid lipstick and matching lipliner, which is exactly the same shade rather than a complementary shade a la Colourpop. The lipliner is, in fact, fantastic. It glides on easily and is well pigmented, and is a true matte that will not budge. Those that are a little wobbly with applying liquid lipsticks on their own will really appreciate the handy addition. 

The lipstick itself is also kinda divine. It smells lovely! Like sweet berries. It doesn't linger, but I do like the little whiff I get when applying. The formula is thin but not watery, and is very opaque. It dries quickly and completely with no stickiness, but it isn't overly drying or crackly/ flaky either. All things considered, it's real nice.

kylie lip kit mary jo k 
I LOVE the colour. I own a lot of reds, but this one makes me feel like an absolute doll, probably because of its pinky tones. I'm so glad my friend bought me this particular shade, as the nudes are kinda boring and dupeable.

Really, the only thing I don't like is the price tag and the brand. Oh, and the fact that it always sells out super fast and is a nightmare to get hold of. If you plan on snagging a kit or two, I don't envy you. xx

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