Wednesday, 16 March 2016

lashes by lena liquid matte lipstick- review and swatches

Lena Lashes is an indie brand that grew in fame and popularity because of the owner's (her name is Lena, whaddyaknow) wide range of high quality strip lashes. I've been keeping an instagram eye on it for a while, but I don't really wear falsies. But when she released her new line of liquid to matte lipsticks, I sat up to attention. And I bought one. At $18 plus shipping to the UK, it wasn't cheap. But I really liked the look of the dark brown, and the swatches on the brand page looked so dreamy, and... and I have no self control. 

My first impression was something along the lines of my jaw dropping. Such lush packaging! It comes in a fancy little box with the lipstick tucked inside, and it feels like opening a gift. Special! The cap on the tube is really pretty too. Oh, and I love the long, flattened applicator- it makes clean lines really easy, which is essential for such a bold colour. 

And it is such a bold colour. 

lena lashes liquid lipstick- frederique 
It's called 'frederique'. I don't know why the lipsticks are named after men, but they are. Anyway, it's a super rich, super dark, super opaque brown. I LOVE it. So vampy yet sophisticated with no sign of streaking, which is a really rare with a shade this deep. One coat is all you need, but be warned that the formula is fast drying so you can't afford to waste time fixing up any wobbles.

The only dud- and it's not a minor one- is that is drying. Quite tight feeling for sure. I mean, it doesn't flake or anything, and lip balm will help, but it's still quite uncomfartable to smile in after a while.

Personally, though I wish it were less parching, I think the colour makes it so worth it. I'm happy I got this baby. The only thing is, how will I bring myself to throw away the box?


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