Tuesday, 6 October 2015

milani amore lip creme, review and swatches

So. I ummed and ahhed over whether or not to get Milani's liquid to matte Amore lip cream. Do I really need another liquid-matte? Do I not already have all the shades under the sun? Is my bank balance not crying for mercy? But then I found it was limited edition, and the rest is history. Anyway, I've been wearing it all day today. Check it out:

milani amore lip crème- adore

I got the shade 'adore', which is a lovely milky peach toned nude. I wore it with a deeper nude lipliner to make it complement my Asian skintone better (though I swatched it without the liner so you could see the true colour), but I think fair skinned folks could rock it alone pretty easily.

I do like the packaging- it makes it look more pricey and elegant than a (more or less) affordable brand's product would. But then, gold is always gonna up the luxury factor, ain't it? Also, I really love the applicator. It's a long paddle shape which makes clean lines child's play.

The formula is good too. Not exceptional, but very good, especially for the price. It may look a little cakey in the swatch, but I did slather on a lot there. I found it looked and felt fine if a small amount was spread well. The more you put on, the more cakey and crackly you're gonna find it, so less is more with is. When it sets, it's to a touchproof and smudgeproof finish, and though there's no moisture at all to it, if you have a bit of lip balm on underneath, you won't find it drying.

So it's a thumbs up. I like it and I'm glad I got it. And if you do too, you'd better snap it up fast because these ain't gonna be around forever, hun. xx

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