Sunday, 11 October 2015

max factor lipfinity lipstick review and swatches

Trusted UK makeup brand Max Factor came out with lipfinity lipstick range a long time ago. They were quite novel upon release, and years down the line, are still pretty unique compared to lip products in a similar category. I originally bought a candy pink shade and hated it. It didn't suit me at all and the silver frost accentuated the appearance of dryness. It looked tacky and shrivelled and I just couldn't make it work for me. But, once upon a time in a Superdrug not too far away, an offer on the Max Factor stand tempted me to give this product another go. I have. So today, I'll be reviewing shade 16, 'glowing'.
Glowing is beautiful, wearable shade that is much more flattering to my complexion. Unlike the heavy frost of the first purchase, the shimmer in this one is pretty and adds luminosity. I'd describe the colour as a faded dusty rose with a dash of mauve. So here's how it works. Apply the liquid base colour with the doefoot applicator. Don't spread on too much or try layering because it will look claggy. Stick to a thin, even coat. Let it dry. At this stage, depending on whether/how you've prepped your lips, it may or may not feel too dry. On me, with my fairly well behaved lips not prone to excessive dryness, it felt fine. Like a regular liquid to matte lipstick, though of the drier variety. It may however look a little dry and shrivelled even if it doesn't feel so, so it really just depends on which shade you have and how it behaves on your lips. Depending on those factors, you could opt to leave it as it is. It will be touchproof and last forever. Or, go ahead and slide on the balm topcoat. It will smooth out any puckeriness and give a shoft sheen, and generally make your lips look and feel more juicy and lightweight. 
max factor lipfinity shade 16 glowing

Just to demonstrate the difference, in the above swatches the top is with the balm topcoat and the bottom is the base colour alone. Oh, and they're both outlined in Barry M lipliner in shade 9. I tend to wear it alone for a while and just top with the balm if/when it begins to feel uncomfortable. Now, there are a lot of two step lip products out there. A lot of them, though, require glosses to seal in the otherwise rubbery colour. Meanwhile, the Lipfinity can work alone, and the balm is completely lightweight and smoothing. It's a much better option for those who don't like glossy lips, as it just leaves a subtle sheen.

All that may sounds overly faffy and annoying. You have to carry around the balm and base together or else risk a lip look disaster (Max Factor, won't you please consider making them into a double ended wand?) You might run out of the balm before the base colour, in which case you'll have to buy a refill. The two steps and drying time make it less than ideal for when in a rush. But. BUT. The big perk is the fact that this lippy does. Not. Wear. Off. Like, at all. Ever.

So, all in all, it won't be for everyone and it does take some getting used to. I wouldn't wear it everyday, but when I know I need something with lasting power, something I can rely on to stay flawless.... who ya gonna call? LIPFINITY. Sorry, ghostbusters.

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