Tuesday, 3 February 2015

essence xxxl longlasting lipgloss (matt) lip cream- review & swatches

 Look guys, I'm finally reviewing a winter appropriate neutral shade *pats self on back*. It's a soft nude, and it is (very appropriately) called 'soft nude'. Introducing the Essence XXXL Longlasting matt lipgloss, which described as a 'silky lip cream' with long wearing colour.

essence xxxl matt lip cream- 06 soft nude

    There she is. Not bad for a budget brand, huh? Certainly not garish, and it's a generously sized tube. This lip cream comes with a flat paddle-like applicator which is actually quite easy to use and distributes the colour evenly. It's long and it's flexible, so I guess that lets it cover a lot of surface area in one pass. 

   And one pass is really all you need. In fact, you might even want to wipe off some excess product as you don't need much to get decent coverage, and overdoing it can result in impairing the formula's ability to set. Yep, it will set somewhat, though not entirely. The finish is perfect for me because the slight softness afforded prevents drying, yet it's not so wet that it gets all messy and won't stay put. On first application, be prepared for a slippery texture and a soft sheen. Worry not though, it will dry down a little in time. Here's what it looks like freshly applied:

essence xxxl matt longlasting lip cream- 06 soft nude

    I like the colour! It's a great nude that I can see suiting a whole range of skintones. It's somewhere between a dusty rose and caramel beige- lovely.

    All in all, I'm impressed, and at £2.30, it's a sure bargain.

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