Thursday, 26 February 2015

avon colourtrend limited edition kiss n go spring shades lipstick review

Ok, so I know it's not quite spring yet, but I couldn't wait to pop out my new spring themed lipstick. For those who don't know, Colortrend is an Avon brand that tends to be more budget friendly than their other products, and are usually pretty colourful, and tend to be appeal to teens. My experiences with have been a mixed bag- the eyeliners are great, the eyeshadows are dire, and lipsticks are the best things on the entire planet. 

    No, seriously. I'll explain why in a minute. But first, let's have a look at one. The 'Kiss n go' line has been around for a long while, and has undergone a few transformations in that time. When I first became acquainted with them, they came in cheap black bullets with clear black caps (they looked cheap- very cheap) and felt waxy on lips, often having overly frosty finishes. In a word, cheap. Then, BOOM. They went and revamped the line. The packaging became more sturdy and less flimsy and more colourful. Not sleek by any means, but cheap and cheerful in a perfectly acceptable way, and a huge improvement.

     While the usual lipsticks are white, these spring-themed babies are all pinkified and floral, which is pretty and fitting, I think. Again, not particularly grown up, but pretty. And as an added extra pretty touch, there's a floral design engraved on the bullet! It's the little things, ain't it?

     And the formula? well it was revamped too. The new Kiss n go lipsticks turned out to be richly pigmented, hydrating, smooth, and very long lasting thanks to a grippy-not-slippy formula. The shape of the bullet was also changed: a wider, slanted surface that defined contours while depositing a generous amount of colour in one wide sweep. Feather-proof. No foul taste or smell. And on top of all that- they boast spf15. All this for a lippy at (and often under) £3.75? ALL OF THE WOW. There are high end lipsticks that don't deliver like these do. 

    Anyway, this particular shade is called 'racy raspberry', and is, as you might have guessed, a raspberry shade. It's the deepest in the spring collection, alongside other shades of pink. I found it to have a satin finish that wore to almost matte as I munched and sipped tea throughout the day, and it lasted well over five hours with its vibrancy still intact, though the juiciness had worn away. It does have a subtle shimmer to it, but it's nothing tacky- it just gives a radiant, luminous finish.

colortrend kiss n go lipstick- racy raspberry

     I was genuinely blown away with how brilliant they were, and kept going back for more. They have an impressive range of colours, and I now own an indecent number of them, as well as some from various limited edition collections. I'm a hoarder. So sue me.

    (Un)lucky for you guys, that means I'll have a mega swatchy review post of a jillion of these beauties on the way soon. In the mean time, GO BUY A WHOLE TRUCKLOAD. You will love them. 


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