Monday, 19 January 2015

Topshop velvet lips in plush- a review and swatches

I've already touched on my love for Topshop makeup- their packaging, quality, shade ranges and price tags thoroughly rock my socks- so you can bet I had high hopes for their Velvet Lips. On spying them instore, I immediately made a beeline for closer inspection. The tube is slightly smaller and thinner than the lip velvets reviewed so far, but I quite liked the slim purse-friendliness. Standard doefoot. An formula laced with very subtle shimmer- interesting. Well, I bagged the shade 'plush', a blue toned purple, and skipped on home for a play.

    On application, I found it to be of a thicker texture than the more runny offerings (ya know, lime crime). Definitely more of a cream than a liquid formula. It applied a little less opaque than the other lip velvets too, and as a result looked slightly patchy. By this point, I was slightly disappointed, but still loved the colour and the fact that it had that wonderful touch-proof, powder-matte finish. 

     Four hours in, I was still pretty chuffed. It had lasted through a mammoth meal with no noticeable fade at all. Ok, it felt very, very dry, even with balm underneath, and made me literally shudder when I licked my lips, but... but... I wanted to like it, ok?

   Then, the crumbling and flakiness set it, and I gave up. I could tolerate it up until that point, but there is a line. To be honest, I was petty bummed. Other reviews had praised the product highly and I'd been hoping for a Lime Crime alternative for a tenner. Perhaps mine was just a bad one? I don't know. The other colours certainly look enticing: Raven (black), Velveteen Ribbon (brilliant red), Blood Orange (coral red), but unless it's with your money, I don't think I'll be repurchasing.  

    It did look quite pretty for a few hours though :( 

topshop velvet lips- plush
topshop velvet lips- plush

topshop velvet lips- plush

Has anyone had similar experiences with these?

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