Friday, 30 January 2015

collection cream puff lip cream review and swatches

It's another super cute lip cream! Look at all the puffy fluffiness. It smells like fairy cakes and it's named after sweet treats and girly things. It's all soft and cushiony. It's the Collection Creampuff lip cream lineup! Boom. Let's have a look then.

    Honestly, I do like the packaging. It's cute and playful and appeals to my inner my inner girly-girl. I also like the matte black lid, a cheeky clue to the product's finish. This product comes in four shades, all of which are soft and wearable. I have shade 3, Fairy Cake, which is a lovely warm coral pink. I find it brightens my face easily and is the perfect choice for complementing a neutral day look- so I'm now at the stage where I've worn it so often, it's almost used up. Boo!

   It's not just the colour that has made it such a go-to product for me, it's because it's just so fuss free. The doe foot applicator distributes the cream quickly and evenly and one coat is all it takes for full coverage. And, unlike most lip creams/lip velvet type products, the Collection Creampuff truly lives up to it's claim of being 'moisturising'. This means I don't have to apply balm beforehand or worry about it going all crusty and icky, and we all know what a relief it is to find a product that doesn't lead to constant paranoia. That said, my lips aren't prone to excessive dryness, so perhaps those of you who struggle with chapping might well want to slick some balm underneath. 

   It's also really long lasting, and dries to a fairly budge-poof, transfer-proof soft matte finish. Initially, I thought it wouldn't settle and would retain a degree of slip- sort of like a matte lipgloss- and I thought the very soft sheen would remain. I was wrong though: just give it a few minutes and it will dry down to a true matte that doesn't slide about.

Here's how it looks freshly applied. Note the soft sheen.

collection cream puff- fairy cake
 And once fully dry...

collection cream puff- fairy cake

The best thing? These are priced at a mere £2.99. Gotta catch 'em all! That's what I'm almost certainly gonna do once mine runs out and I finally have an excuse to buy more ;)

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